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NWC Chartering functions as an agent for our regular customers, close relationships, our work is based of good, reliable partnerships.

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North West Chartering

– a North Atlantic specialist

North West Chartering, established in 2000, is a company that handles various types of vessels to and from the Faroe Islands. We provide vessel chartering and agency services, as well as project cargo and containerized freight services through our liner service operation and freight forwarding activities.

As a specialist in North Atlantic logistics, we have extensive knowledge of the unique challenges involved in transporting goods in the North Atlantic region.

In January 2024, North West Chartering joined Cargow ThorShip. As a group, we now operate from offices in Tórshavn – Faroe Islands, Rotterdam – the Netherlands and Hafnarfjordur – Iceland.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Tel: (+298) 781 781 , nwc@nwc.fo   We are highly responsive to all inquiries, and our flexibility allows us to meet all your transportation needs.

Welcome to North West Chartering and Cargow ThorShip

Jónhard Johannesen
Head of Chartering & Agency

Our transport routes

Weekly departures to and from:

East coast Iceland

Reykjavík Iceland

Faroe Islands - Runavik

Gjemnes Norway

Mosjoen Norway


We offer full liner and freight forwarding service,  modern, low emission fleet of own vessels, schedule reliability, local knowledge and infrastructure, and excellent customer service.


Due to our local presence in Faroe Islands, we offer 24-hour professional agency service at all ports, 365 days a year. Here, we handle all types of ships, such as tankers, dry-cargo vessels, project shipping vessels and cruise ships during their port call.

Our services include a wide range og activities

Port agency

Ordering of pilot

Arrange for tugs

Transport of technicians / inspectors / representatives to and from ships

Crew change

Delivery of cash to master 

Customs clearance

On/off hire survays


Do you have a request?

Dont hesitate to send a mail to nwc@nwc.com or call us on (+298) 781 781 and we will help you meet all your transportation needs.